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PURPOSE I believe the functional handmade object, when well executed, occupies an important place in material culture.  Pots play a special role in this culture because they integrate so readily with our lives, slipping into our everyday routines and rituals.  With this in mind I make pots that are designed for everyday use. Their purpose: respite from the factory-made objects we are often surrounded by.   My forms and forming methods are heavily influenced by an interest in handwork and the trades, namely preindustrial tinware and architecture.  I also draw from my experiences working as a carpenter, fabricator, and mechanic.  I create surface textures and finishes that are full of irregularities, handle attachments and seams that are left visible, and firing effects that are readily observed.  My pots are wrapped in the stories of their making, allowing the user a glimpse into my process.  All these qualities help tell a story, not just about how the pots were created, but about why they were created at all.